These 5 Style Mavens Have the Workwear Wardrobe of Our Dreams

These 5 Style Mavens Have the Workwear Wardrobe of Our Dreams

There's nothing like a Monday morning to get us thinking about what we wear day in and day out at work. Regardless of whether you work in a heels-24/7 kind of office or the kind of relaxed office where sneakers are a legitimate choice, we can all quickly become tired of our working wardrobe.

If you're looking to give your work wardrobe a spring refresh (who isn't?), let these 5 ladies flood your feed with ideas. See their looks, shop their key pieces, and stride into the office in style next Monday.

#1: Khalana Barfield


Khalana Barfield | Wearing a Black Blazer Dress w/fringe |When & Wear Style Muse
PHOTO: Google Images

Style Notes:  Sure, her previous job as a style editor at Instyle Magazine may have offered more flexibility in what constituted "workwear", but her work outfits were always full of style inspiration-from her unconventional silhouettes, bold color combinations, and unexpected pairings. Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel to see her mesmerizing styling videos. Can't wait to see what's next from our favorite #stylemuse #girlboss.


Shop the look:

Glen Plaid Trail Blazin Blazer Dress | When & Wear

Trail Blazin Blazer Dress 


#2: Kéla Walker

Kéla Walker wearing a orange sweater and camel wide-leg pants | When & Wear Style Muse


Style Notes: This 7-time Emmy nominated TV Host and Producer is the epitome of the 'Ready for Wherever, Whenever' style. Whether on the red carpet, appearing on TV for BET, or gallivanting around NYC, her outfits always slay. As far as we can tell, the secret to Kéla's effortless style lies in her reliance on a capsule wardrobe of flawless classics- sleek car coats, wide-leg pants, and Louboutins in signature New York chic colors of camel and black that she then accessories with pops of color and of-the-moment-trends. As long-time followers, we've thoroughly enjoyed watching her well-deserved glow up over the past few years. Slay on!


 #3: June Ambrose

June Ambrose | Celebrity Stylist | When & Wear Style Muse


Style Notes: Even if you don't know her name, you definitely know her style. June Ambrose is the invisible hand that guided the style of 90's era hip-hop. June is credited with having styled all of the iconic 90's hip-hop videos, working with artists Jay-Z and Beyonce, Missy Elliott, Janet Jackson, Will Smith and more, so her impact on the culture is undeniable. And lucky for us, June's personal style is just as cultured. Her signature style includes contemporary takes on tailored menswear pieces, capped with a funky headpiece, and grounded with sky-high platform heels in exotic patterns. Judging by her work on Missy Elliott's latest video, "I'm better", June's influence on fashion is just as prevalent and we're here for it! 


#4: Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross | When & Wear Style Muse


PHOTO: Google Images


Style Notes: What's not to love about the all-around fabulous Tracee Ellis Ross? The Golden-Globe winner, Black-ish star, and forever style icon is on everyone's watch list. How she manages to always look so beautiful and effortlessly stylish is beyond us, not to mention looking like she's in her 30s while in her 40s... We sincerely owe her a debt of gratitude for being a shiny beacon of #blackgirlmagic.  

Shop the look:

Class Act Jeweled Bow Blouse | When & Wear

Class Act | Jeweled Bow Blouse


 #5: Claire Summers
Claire Summers wearing a velvet jumpsuit | When & Wear Style Muse
PHOTO: Google Images

Style Notes: Claire Summers is the Executive in Chief behind the hugely successful fashion and style blog, On her site,  women of color are able to see themselves celebrated for their style on a website dedicated entirely to them for the first time. Claire is also a style icon in her own right, known for her bold mane moves and never shying away from draping her curvy, plus-sized frame in designer labels and vibrant colors. Catch her this year when her series, "Convo's with Claire", stops in your town.

Shop the look:
Velvet Blazer | When & Wear

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