Style Strategies for Speaking Engagements

Style Strategies for Speaking Engagements

Are we the only ones that find it a chore to plan outfits around every facet of our busy lives? It's HARD to look put-together all the time in real life; Our outfits have to be on-fleek at work, poppin' at happy hour, and look like we're having a Hot Girl Summer everywhere else!

But throw in the curveball that is having to be on stage and speak publicly, and honey, we are dead! All of the regular rules of engagement do not apply to the public speaking stage, and fortunately for you, we've put together a shortlist of essential rules to keep in mind when planning your wardrobe for your next big speaking engagement :)

Rule #1 Your outfit must be figure-flattering from EVERY angle. you will be photographed and/or filmed, and you can't be looking like a house on camera, am I right?

Watch Christa Clarke, founder of Cubicles to Cocktails, twirl confidently for the camera in our Trail Blazin Blazer Dress during the stop of her Money Talks Tour in Houston. 


Rule #2 Make sure your outfit compliments not only you but also the environment it will be in. Call ahead and find out if you will be standing at a podium, sitting on a barstool or on a couch, then plan your dress length accordingly. Also, determine if there is a planned color scheme that your outfit must adhere to.



Christa gets this rule right while doing press for her event on a morning news program in our On the Agenda sheath dress. The bold green compliments the set while simultaneously helping her pop against it.


Rule #3 Your outfit can't distract from your message. They came to hear what you have to say. If your outfit is too busy or overpowering, that's all attendees will remember. 

Take Me Downtown | When & Wear

Christa closed her wildly popular Money Talks Tour at The Riveter in Dallas in a big way, opting for beautiful gold and white/gray stage decor, which definitely gave us Golden Globe-esque vibes. We dressed her in our beautiful Take Me Downtown navy blue one-shouldered jumpsuit to really stand out against the fabulous decor.  

The "Take me Downtown" looks great on Christa, without distracting from her message. The organza bodice gives it a festive feel and helps her shine just enough to be seen on stage. But the dark, rich navy and pants let her audience focus on what she's saying, vs what she's wearing, which is what we recommend. (There is a caveat to this rule, however.  If the engagement is more of a party, it's ok to let your outfit take center stage.)

Every Dope Girl Founder Raisha and event co-host Jocelyn wanted to turn-up (but still look like bosses) for their Concrete Jungle NYC Takeover party, so we styled them in modern blazer dresses that match their personalities.


Need help finding the right look for your next speaking engagement? Click the link below and let us know when and where you're speaking and we'd be happy to offer you some advice.

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