Behind the Wear | Sarni Jaye

Behind the Wear | Sarni Jaye

Award-Winning Publicist, Brand Manager & Writer

This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing 4 inspiring & creative women to get a peek into how they manage being super busy #bossbabes in today's crazy, fast-paced, social-media-obsessed society. Our diverse panel consisted of a publicist, a journalist, an actor, and a designer, and it was insightful to get the details on their unique lives, personal style, and their “go-to” power outfit. Read on to hear from Sarni; publicist, brand manager, and writer...


W&W: How did you get your start?

Sarni: I got my start in business even before I was aware it was happening. I came from a long line of self-made entrepreneurs though I didn't understand that until later in life. My great grandparents owned a convenience store in a time where many people were still disenfranchised from slavery, my father owned his own law practice, and my grandfather and uncles owned farms where they grew and sold produce and livestock.

I learned indirectly early on that having your "own" was the path to living your dreams on your terms vs. only working to help someone else live theirs. I started my business, and it directly helped fuel success in being hired by larger companies as well because I was able to understand branding, marketing, and business development from myriad angles. 


W&W: What was your biggest failure professionally? What lessons did you learn and how did you apply them in future situations?

Sarni: The thing I wish more people would talk about on their journey to success is that the road is paved with failures. It's like a baby teething to cut new teeth, or a bodybuilder lifting weights to form bigger muscles, or a woman going into labor to birth a child - all growth requires pain or sacrifice to get to the next level. So, I haven't had one big failure, but I've sure had a series of small ones that have taught valuable lessons that led to ultimate victory.

Sarni Jaye | When & Wear
Sarni's PR-ready in our Trail Blazin' dress
W&W: You’re free on a lazy Sunday morning. Where are you going for brunch?
Sarni: I go break bread with the people I care about most, whether that's at their home or a restaurant. Life can be so busy that I learned to structure it so I don't get sucked up by work and make sure to build in time for friends, relationships, and my family. At the end that's what really matters.

W&W: Do you do any fundraisers, events, or philanthropic endeavors that you want to shout-out?

Sarni: I've been volunteering since I was a child whether through my sorority, community events, pro bono PR work for select causes, or Big Brothers Big Sisters. I want to shout out the nonprofit clients I've had over the years who stand in the shadows to invest their time, talents, and resources to help others shine. It takes true compassion to work tirelessly when the main reward you receive is through giving.


W&W: When you’re going to a professional event, what are your go-to pieces?

Sarni: A tailored blazer: you can put one on over just about anything and look professional and put together. 


W&W: What drew you to the W&W piece you selected for our Portrait Series?

Sarni: I loved how chic, well constructed, and classy but edgy the piece I wore was. A lot of times in male-dominated fields you feel you have to choose professionalism at the expense of softness to be taken seriously, but that jacket dress was something that you can wear with fitted pants during the day and by itself for after-work cocktails. There is an undeniable power in feminine energy, and that piece tapped into it.

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