Looking professional in a casual office (without trying too hard!)

Looking professional in a casual office (without trying too hard!)

At the office where I work my 9-5, we have the whole “casual dress code” thing going on.

Most people would jump for joy with a workwear dress code like this, but as we all know, if we want to be taken seriously, we must look the part. But clothes are more than just things made of plants that keep us from being naked, how you look affects the way you feel about yourself, your attitude, and how others perceive you!

Coming in dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie every day isn’t going to get you that promotion you’ve always wanted, but you also don’t want to be “that” girl that tries way too hard, while everyone else is in jeans and living their best casual life. I’ve learned (the hard way at times) that striking a balance between professional and too casual is harder than it seems. Lucky for you, I’ve put together 3 outfits to look “casually professional for the casual office:


Never Basic Shirt | When & Wear

Never Basic | Collared Button Shirt + Pleather Leggings + Heels


There aren’t too many things that are easier to wear than a button-down collared shirt. But this is no ordinary button-down because the sleeves have tiers of personality! Paired with faux leggings and basic heels, and you have a workwear look that is fashionable, work appropriate, and easy to pull off.


Whenever, Wherever LBD | When & Wear

Whenever Wherever LBD + Flats/Heels


One of the most versatile pieces in any woman’s closet is the little black dress, and it looks great in any office environment. Our “Whenever, Wherever LBD” is no exception, you can dress it down and wear the dress with some flats or sneakers, or throw on some heels, accessorize, and give your coworkers something to aspire to, with minimal effort on your end!


Coffee Break Sweater & Detachable Shirt | When & Wear

“Coffee Break” long sleeve Shirt w/ sweater vest + Jeans + Heels 

With temps outside still in winter mode and temps inside the office even colder, layering is essential to stave off going into hibernation. Our Coffee Break sweater is a twofer, combining a classic white long sleeve shirt with a trendy “crisscross back” sweater, that will keep you warm without sacrificing style. Combine with skinny jeans and your favorite pumps, and you have a complete workwear outfit worthy of casual Fridays (and that promotion!)


Tell us how what the dress code is like in your office in the comments below.

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