How to Wear the Power Suit this Spring & Summer

How to Wear the Power Suit this Spring & Summer

Suits have always been a power play, even before women adopted the suit in the workplace. Suits became the de facto uniform worn by men who worked desk jobs and in businesses during the industrial revolution, who adopted them from the high-class men of inherited wealth in the 18th century, who adopted them from 17th-century English royals. 

These days, however, as women rise through the ranks, it is less and less important for women to wear clothes to prove that they belong. But even without the pressure to fit in, a large number of high powered women still choose to wear suits. Women from all industries, including creative and tech fields where there’s no dress code are wearing suits to work. 


For many women, the suit is no longer about making a statement of equality as much as it is a fashion statement. There was a time when women felt the need to downplay their femininity in the workplace, but that appears to be changing, perhaps because it is now the norm for women to have careers and rise up within companies.

With spring fashion officially underway, there are plenty of new trends and styles to try now. But if you're going to commit to one new look this season, make it the pantsuit. Serving up some empowering Living Single vibes, the power suit is here to stay and in full force for spring. Whether you want to try the '80s-inspired strong-shouldered, oversized blazer, an ultra-feminine pink pantsuit, or go for power red there's a take on the look for everyone's taste. Get inspired with these 5 fresh ways to style the suit this season.

1. Go Bold

Take a page from Jennifer Oseh's book of risk-taking suits and opt for BIG color that's instantly statement-making in its own right.


(PHOTO: Instagram @theladyvhodka)

2. Dress It Down

For a more casual take, style your suit with a graphic tee and sneakers that don't make the look feel so buttoned up.


(PHOTO: Instagram @bagoflies)

3. Cinch It With A Belt

Carry two of fall's hottest trends into spring by defining your waist with a wide belt or a belt bag layered over the blazer.


(PHOTO: Instagram @borntoroam)

4. Add A Bra Top For A Night Out

For an unexpected (and ultra sexy) going out look, style a suit with a lacy bra instead of a top.


(PHOTO: Instagram

 5. Simplify Your Accessories

Keep it sleek with streamlined accessories: a clean t-shirt, simple strappy heels and dainty gold jewelry. Or, opt for oversized sunglasses and a barely-there statement heel.


(PHOTO: Instagram @aichata_toure01


Embrace the Power Suit Trend All 2020.


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