Behind the Wear | Rose Ann-Aragon

Behind the Wear | Rose Ann-Aragon
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This month, we had the pleasure of interviewing 4 inspiring & creative women to get a peek into how they manage to be super busy #bossbabes in today's crazy, fast-paced, social-media-obsessed society. Our diverse panel consisted of a publicist, a journalist, an actor, and a designer, and it was insightful to get the details on their unique lives, personal style, and their “go-to” power outfit. Read on to hear from Rose, KPRC Ch 2 News NBC Reporter & UniPro Texas Programming Director ...

When & Wear | Behind the Wear w/ Rose Ann Aragon

W&W: How did you get your start in your profession/business?

Rose: Ever since I was in 2nd grade, after writing a book called How the Mouse got the Cheese, I realized then that I wanted to be a writer! :) As I got older, I thought it was important to choose a career that utilized all of my skills. I wanted to walk into work and never have to work but, instead, do what I enjoy. Participating in debates in high school, I learned that I loved to research and keep up with current events. English was also always my favorite subject! I'm fascinated by language, imagery, syntax, diction--you name it! I also deeply appreciated the fine arts and theatre--understanding human beings. And, of course, I love people! With all of those interests, journalism seemed like the most natural fit. So, I went to school for it and graduated at the top of my class. I sent 30 applications the first go around, then more and more. After many "No's," I finally got my first gig in Peoria, IL. I loved it there. I will never forget my lovely co-workers and friends there! :)

W&W: What fuels your passion for what you do, what gets you out of the bed every day?
Rose: Knowing that in some way, each story I tell, whether it be through my profession or my community organizing, may have an impact on someone. It doesn't have to be big, but knowing that the stories I share have the ability to help people make informed decisions is a big one. As journalists, we have this unique responsibility of finding and sharing experiences from people on their best and darkest days, experiences that are fair or unfair, or experiences that show a unique slice of life. Sharing stories is my fire. Voices can be powerful. They are the way humans relate, empathize and understand. While not everyone can understand what it is like to go through certain types of situations or hardships, people can relate to human emotions: joy, relief, frustration or loss. Stories can bring communities together, keep people informed, make educated decisions and keep people accountable. I am a storyteller, and that is a responsibility I never take lightly. I love it.
When & Wear | Behind the Wear w/ Rose Ann Aragon


W&W: What was your biggest failure professionally? What lessons did you learn, and how did you apply them in future situations?

Rose: Not sleeping. For so long, I always thought that I could do everything and that sleep was not important. As I get older, I realize that sleep, health, and wellness should definitely be a priority. Of course, it is important to go for your dreams, but getting sleep, exercising and eating well is also very important. Success only comes if you can truly take care of all of you. That's what I would tell my younger self. I have been working on all of those things and am feeling so great! It actually makes you more productive!

W&W: You’re free on a lazy Sunday morning. Where are you going for brunch?

Rose: Each Sunday -- a different place! Love checking out and appreciating the diversity this city has to offer.


W&W: When you’re not being a #boss, what are your guilty pleasures?

Rose: I love exploring different coffee shops as well as trying different foods from all over the world! I am also a closet bookworm! I read each night before bed.


W&W: Are there any fundraisers, events, or philanthropic endeavors that you want to shout-out?

Rose: Shout out to UniPro Texas! UniPro is a 501c3 non-profit that encourages and inspires people who are interested in the Filipino American community to be educated, active and engaged. I co-founded the chapter in Chicago and then when I came to Houston, I helped launch a chapter here. The programming in this organization is second to none, and being involved in the Filipino American community has changed my life. <3 Diversity is so important, and I am blessed to be in a city that cherishes it.

Rose-Ann Aragon | When & Wear-Behind the Wear

Rose Ann wearing our Tiers of Joy Sweater

W&W: If you’re going to a professional event, what are your go-to/must-have pieces?

 Rose: Unique, chunky jewelry, bright colors (love red & blue!), and always--a smile. :)
W&W: What drew you to the W&W piece you selected for our Portrait Series? Would you be willing to provide a testimonial about it?
Rose: I love that When & Wear is about inspiring women to work hard, enjoy life and look chic while doing it. Truly, this line is about more than just the physical clothing. The pieces I chose were colorful and edgy--fun and flirty! You can never take life too seriously. :) This clothing line reminds me that fierceness and fire can come in all colors, shapes, and sizes! Hoping that young women can see--there are so many inspiring ladies that are shaping this world and looking great in their own skin!
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